3 Ways Working with a Local Staffing Firm in Kansas City Can Benefit Your Small Business

3 Ways Working with a Local Staffing Firm in Kansas City Can Benefit Your Small Business

As a small business owner or manager in Kansas City, working with a staffing firm may be in your best interest. The flexibility and productivity you gain can help your company save money long-term. By building a relationship with Davlin Services, you and your small business will be treated as a priority no matter how many temporary or permanent staff you need.

Three Ways your Kansas City-Based Small Business Can Benefit from Working with a Local Staffing Firm.

Increased Flexibility

You can add temporary staff to cover for a planned or unplanned employee absence. This may include vacation, parental leave, sick days, termination, or an unexpected departure from the company. Having temporary staff fill in lets your team remain engaged in their work while the absent employee’s responsibilities are fulfilled. If you leave these gaps unfilled, your current employees will have to carry their work and the work of those who are out. Too much work can leave them feeling strained or burnt out. Additionally, staffing firms can connect you to great candidates for permanent placements as well.  

Enhanced Productivity

You can bring in temporary staff during busy times to prevent work overload for your employees. If your team were to take on the additional tasks themselves, they likely would become unmotivated, overwhelmed, and less productive. This often leads to increased mistakes, absenteeism, and burnout. Temporary staff also can help when you have a project that requires specialized skills your team lacks. You can quickly bring aboard the worker for as long as it takes to complete the project. You do not have to put the project on hold while you search for and vet a qualified worker on your own.

Reduced Costs

Blending temporary staff with your permanent employees saves money on hiring and retention. Because the staffing agency employs temporary workers, the agency covers the costs related to candidate attraction, interviews, skills tests, background checks, benefits, unemployment claims, and more. Also, because temporary workers can take on additional tasks during busy seasons, you may not have to pay your employees overtime. Additionally, because you bring temporary staff aboard only when they are needed, you pay only for the services they provide. This means your team stays busy performing the work they are paid for without becoming overextended. Plus, you may be able to hire a temporary worker on a permanent basis if they perform exceptionally well. This saves you time and money by not conducting your own search for an experienced worker who blends with company culture.


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