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The Top Reasons to Return to Work as Soon as You Are Able – Even If Unemployment Pays More

The past year and a half have been filled with many struggles. People have been out of work, unable to return for many months as they face issues of childcare and safety. As we near the end of many COVID restrictions more people are returning to the workforce. Some workers are waiting out to return due to the high benefit being offered to those who need to stay home. While it may seem like a no-brainer to stay home and collect unemployment benefits when you bring in more than you do from your full-time job. However, if you are able to return to work now, you probably will be better off than if you wait.


4 Reasons to Return to Work Sooner Rather than Later, Regardless of Unemployment Pay


You May Lose Your Unemployment Benefits If You Are Offered Your Job Back

The CARES Act has a clause that allows workers to turn down a job offer for a coronavirus-related reason, such as being sick or caring for a sick family member. However, workers cannot turn down a job offer due to concerns about going back to work. In fact, some states require repayment of unemployment benefits along with a penalty for workers who turn down a job offer. There also may be limitations for filing for unemployment for a set time.


The Increased Unemployment Benefits Will Stop

There are major pushes across the company to end these unemployment benefits. While all states are different many will be removing these benefits in the coming months. When the expanded unemployment benefits run out, unemployed workers will have only their state unemployment benefits coming in. This could be 40% to 50% of their previous working income. Typically, this is not enough to live on.


The Job Market Is Expected to Be Tight

The labor market is expected to be tight through the end of Summer and potentially into Fall and Winter. In fact, the nationwide unemployment rate is expected to be over 15% in July, the highest since the Great Recession, when the unemployment rate was 10% in October 2009. You should be finding a job now before your unemployment benefits drop and jobs are hard to get.


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