Looking to Start a Career in Welding? What You Need to Know Before Applying

Looking to Start a Career in Welding? What You Need to Know Before Applying

If you like working with your hands to build or repair things, you may want a career as a welder. Because this involves using complex tools and flames, you need specific education, training, and certification to enter the field. You can continue to build your education, skill set, and experience to advance along your professional path.


How to Begin a Career as a Welder in Kansas City


Types of Welding Jobs

You need to decide which type of welding job fits your strengths and abilities. Most roles require strong attention to detail, impressive endurance and dexterity, and effective hand-eye coordination. Time management and organization are important as well. Be sure you research the tasks and responsibilities of specific positions. Then, find out about the training and certification requirements. This provides a better understanding of which career path you should choose.


Welding Courses

Determine what the educational requirements are for your welding specialty. Most require a high school diploma or GED. Since welding often involves measuring dimensions, be sure to participate in any welding and math classes your school offers.

Welding Certificate

You must earn a welding certificate to start working in the field. This can take 6 months to 2 years, depending on the skill set you need for the career you want. It will expand your knowledge of welding duties and responsibilities. This includes basic welding and metal terminology and knowledge of welding safety procedures and requirements. The most basic certificate is the American Welding Society Certified Welder accreditation. The exam includes a written portion and direct observation of your welding skills and performance. You may decide to pursue a bachelor’s degree in welding as well.



Hands-on training typically begins with an apprenticeship for the type of welding you are accredited in. You shadow and complete supervised work to learn more about the schedule and responsibilities of a welder. You also gain experience with complex welding torches and tools. When your apprenticeship is complete, you may stay with the company or apply for a welding job elsewhere.

Job Search

When you have the required education, training, and experience, you can begin looking for welding positions. Look online for jobs that match your skills. Be sure to highlight them on your resume. Include specific examples of how you used each skill. Additionally, a strong resume will help you stand out to employers.


Find a Welding Job in Kansas City

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