How to Set (and Achieve) Goals with Your Light Industrial Team

How to Set (and Achieve) Goals with Your Light Industrial Team

Developing goals with your light industrial team helps your employees stay engaged and productive. They understand what their focus should be and how to accomplish their objectives. This leads to greater success for both your team and the company.


Follow these steps to help your light industrial team develop and reach goals.


Create Goals in Line with Company Objectives

Each of your team member’s goals should align with your organization’s growth strategy. When your employees understand how their role and responsibilities add to the bigger picture, they tend to be focused and motivated to reach their goals. Consistent communication involving the goals also tends to increase engagement in the tasks to achieve them. Plus, your employees are likely to hold themselves and their team members accountable when they realize how their individual performance impacts the rest of the team.


Ask Your Employees to Develop Job-Specific Goals

Your team members find more meaning in the goals they help set than in the goals they do not. This is why you should work with each employee to develop an action plan for what they want to accomplish over the next 12 months. The goals may center on productivity, efficiency, or another topic of interest.


Make the Goals SMART  

Setting specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-based (SMART) goals makes them easier to attain. Because the goals are carefully planned, clear, and trackable, your staff should be able to determine whether they are on track to meet their goals or need to get back on course. Your employees also can celebrate reaching milestones and monitoring how far they have come along their path.


Monitor Your Team’s Progress

Regularly check in with each employee to see where they are at in reaching their goals. If it appears unlikely that a team member will meet a deadline, talk with them to see what the issue is. Perhaps they need additional resources, information, or guidance. Or, if a staff member misses a deadline, talk about why that happened and what they can do to correct it. Offer to help in a reasonable manner when possible. Consider adjusting the timeline as well.


Reward Your Employees for Achieving Their Goals

Publicly recognize your team members for attaining their goals. During your next team meeting, talk about what your employee set out to do, the general steps they took, and what they accomplished. Include a certificate, bonus, raise, promotion, or other appropriate reward. This shows you value your team’s commitment and hard work. It also provides an incentive for your other employees to continue progressing toward their goals.


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