Save Your Company Money: 3 Ways Temp-to-Perm Hiring Benefits Small Businesses

Save Your Company Money: 3 Ways Temp-to-Perm Hiring Benefits Small Businesses

Hiring a worker on a temp-to-perm basis can save your small business a significant amount of money. The ability to assess whether the worker blends with company culture is one way to reduce your recruitment costs. It also eliminates the cost of a bad hire, which can quickly add up.

3 Ways that Hiring a Temp-to-Perm Worker Can Save Your Small Business Money

Find the Right Culture Fit

Bringing aboard a temp-to-perm worker lets you determine their fit with company culture. You can see how they blend with your workforce on a day-to-day basis. The temp-to-perm worker must work well with others in order to succeed within the organization. Whereas the hard skills needed to perform the work can be taught, the soft skills required for collaboration cannot. In addition to your own observations, talk with your team members about their interactions with the temp-to-perm worker. Since they may be working with the person long-term, their input is essential. Being able to see whether the temp-to-perm worker has the personality needed to help your business grow lets you determine whether they should be offered a permanent position.


Reduce Recruitment Expenses

Adding a temp-to-perm worker to your team lowers your hiring costs. You do not need to pay for job postings and candidate screenings or take time away from your other responsibilities. Since the staffing agency sends you vetted candidates, all you need to do is interview them, decide which one you want to join your team, and negotiate a temp-to-perm job offer through the staffing firm. Since the worker remains on the staffing agency’s payroll during the contract period, the agency covers payroll, benefits, and other employment costs. If you decide to keep the worker full-time after their contract ends, all you do is negotiate another offer through the staffing firm. Otherwise, you can ask to meet with other candidates to fill the role.


Eliminate the Cost of a Bad Hire

Hiring a temp-to-perm worker means you can replace them if you are not completely satisfied with their performance. You are not responsible for letting them go, paying unemployment benefits, and spending time and money looking for a replacement. You can terminate or extend a temp-to-perm worker’s contract as you see fit. If needed, the agency can send you a qualified replacement in a short amount of time at no additional cost.


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