Three Benefits of Working a Second-Shift Manufacturing Job

3 Reasons Why Second-Shift Manufacturing Jobs Might Be a Great Fit for You

Are you looking for a job that provides increased pay, flexibility, and opportunities to advance? If so, a second-shift manufacturing job may be just what you need. If you have not considered working the second shift, you should learn more about the advantages you can gain.

Three Benefits of Working a Second-Shift Manufacturing Job

1. Increased Pay

Second-shift manufacturing jobs typically provide a significant increase in pay to make up for the nontraditional work hours. This may be a flat rate or a percentage of your pay. You could receive more vacation days as well. The additional money you earn can add up to a significant amount for bills, savings, retirement, and other needs.

2. More Flexibility

Working second shift means you have more time to fulfill personal responsibilities during the day. For instance, you can take your kids to school, visit your doctor or dentist, or run errands without missing work. Since fewer people are out during the day, traffic usually is less, and stores typically are not as crowded, making your tasks easier to carry out. Also, if your partner works the first shift and you work second, you should be able to spend more time with your kids and avoid the high cost of childcare. Additionally, you also may be able to pursue other life goals during your downtimes, such as earning a professional certification or degree.

3. Greater Work Opportunities

With fewer employees working second shift than first, you may be able to gain experience with more machines and processes than you would otherwise. This can help you jumpstart or grow your career in manufacturing. Becoming more familiar with different machines and tools shows you are versatile and willing to learn. This can create additional opportunities for advancement within the organization. Plus, with a smaller staff, you may become a keyholder who has access to the building. Being responsible for the alarm system and managing the routes of entry during the evening hours shows a high level of trust from your employer. It also earns you more respect from coworkers.

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