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Are You Keeping Your Manufacturing Employees Safe? 6 Tips for Kansas City Businesses

Workplace safety is a top priority for your manufacturing staff. Maintaining their health keeps your team healthy and productive. It also reduces injuries, sick leave, and medical insurance payments. Here are our tips for manufacturing employers in Kansas City.

Six Tips to Keep Your Kansas City Manufacturing Staff Safe

1.    Create and Follow Checklists

Determine the hazards in work areas that require safety protocols. They include fire or electrical issues, hazardous chemicals, the likelihood of falls, and the machinery your employees will be exposed to and operating. Follow the OSHA-certified guidelines to customize your protocols and procedures on how the material should be safely used and what to in case of an incident. Prepare checklists that include safety hazard observation forms, incident reports, vehicle accident reports, supervisor safety inspection forms, repair order tickets, QA checklists, and safety inspection checklists. Above all, be sure your employees use these checklists upon arriving at the job site and before using the equipment.

2.    Require the Use of Safety Gear

Working with and near heavy objects and machinery, being exposed to toxic materials, cleaning up messes, or working in dark or cluttered spaces can affect your employees’ health. These circumstances also create risks for fire, explosions, accidents, and injuries. Wearing safety gear and protective clothing is the best way to protect against these hazards.

3.   Regularly Communicate with Your Team

Daily and monthly safety meetings provide an opportunity to discuss safety issues. When incidents occur, be sure to talk about what went wrong, what was acted on, and what needs to be fixed. Recap ongoing safety projects. Additionally, you should ask your staff for their input.

4.    Prevent Slips and Falls

The second-most common cause of workplace injuries is slips and falls. Reduce this risk by keeping aisles clear and spills properly cleaned.  To do this, use drip pans and guards when working with liquids. Additionally, make sure there are no holes, loose boards, or nails projecting from the floor.

5.    Encourage Safe Work Practices

Remind your employees to maintain proper posture while performing their work. This reduces the risk of strain on the joints, muscles, and ligaments that can lead to injury. In addition, be sure your staff gets help lifting heavy or awkward objects, have a firm grip before lifting, and maintain good footing. Promote bending with the knees and hips to pick up low objects. When driving machinery, the knees should be bent and comfortably reach the pedals. Moreover, the seat height should have the knees at the same level as the hips or higher.

6.    Consistently Train on Safety

Ongoing safety training protects your employees and company. This includes identifying safety concerns, setting training goals, and developing learning activities. Similarly, be sure you adhere to OSHA and state health and safety regulations to keep staff safe and healthy.


Hire Responsible Employees

Responsible employees prioritize safety. Additionally, these employees can help your safety efforts not be in vain. Looking to hire responsible employees? One way to do that is to work with Davlin Services. Our a staffing agency that cares about giving you responsible employees. Take the first step today!

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