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Beat the Heat in Kansas City! 5 Tips for Working in a Warehouse This Summer

Working in a warehouse during hot weather can feel like baking in an oven. Of course, you have to go to work during your scheduled shifts. So, you need a plan to beat the heat and stay productive.

Five Tips to Stay Cool While Working in a Kansas City Warehouse During the Hot Summer Months

Keep Hydrated

Drink plenty of water, sports drinks, or juice to keep your core temperature from rising too high. Regular fluid intake cools your body by spreading out heat from locations that get especially hot. Stay away from anything with caffeine, which can dehydrate your body. Carry a water bottle with you to refill when needed.

Recognize the Signs of Heat-Related Illness

If your body cannot sweat enough to get rid of excess heat, you may risk experiencing heat stroke. Signs include confusion, loss of consciousness, seizures, dry skin, muscle cramps, and profuse sweating. Similarly, heat exhaustion occurs when your body sweats out too much water and salt. Symptoms include headache, nausea, and dizziness. Both heat stroke and heat exhaustion need to be treated immediately.

Take Regular Breaks

Make sure you rest for 10 minutes every hour or two and at least 30 minutes during lunch. Sit in the shade, eat light snacks, and rehydrate. This helps you stay healthy and productive.

Protect Your Skin

If you work outside, wear a hat and loose, light-colored shirts and pants made from natural fabrics. Because these fabrics are breathable, they help you stay cool. Also, apply sunscreen every 2 hours to your skin that is exposed to the sun. Work in the shade whenever possible.

Eat Healthy Foods

Include with your lunch watermelon, apricots, and other nutritious foods full of electrolytes. They can reduce your blood pressure, improve your heart health, and lower your risk of dehydration. Avoid fried foods, desserts, and other fatty foods that can slow you down. They require more energy to digest and metabolize than other foods. This can increase your core temperature and cause you to overheat.

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