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3 Ways to Attract High-Quality Warehouse Employees in Kansas City, Missouri

With the talent shortage created by the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s harder than ever to find quality employees. This is especially true for warehouse staff. You need workers with the skills and experience to get the work done. Implement these three tips to attract the best Kansas City talent to your warehouse jobs.

Three Tips To Attract Top Kansas City Warehouse Talent

Encourage Employee Referrals

Your warehouse staff may know people who are looking for a job. Odds are they can refer workers with a similar personality and work ethic as theirs. The referral should understand the job responsibilities and inner workings of the organization from talking with the employee. They also should fit with company culture and understand what makes your workplace stand out from the rest. You can gain insight into the referral’s character and work history by talking with your staff member. If the referral is hired, knowing someone on the team increases the likelihood they will remain productive and stay long-term. Be sure to provide a monetary incentive for the employee who provided the referral.


Keep Your Hiring Process Fast

Make it easy to apply for your warehouse jobs. For instance, your application should be mobile-friendly and not require a log-in. Also, ask for minimal information upfront. You can find out more later through a phone call or interview. Additionally, maintain candidate information in your applicant tracking system (ATS). You may want to reach out at a later date to candidates who don’t receive job offers.


Make Your Job Offer Relevant to the Area

Find out what warehouse employees in your geographic area are looking for in a job, then offer it. This way, you won’t be competing just on your wage rate. For instance, discover which perks make your workplace different from other distribution or fulfillment centers. Then, tailor these features to the needs in your community. This may include offering productivity bonuses, paid time off, game tickets, or team-building activities. You might provide a free shuttle for workers who cannot get to your distribution center by public transportation. Or, you may want to include opportunities to learn new skills or gain knowledge and certifications that can aid in career development.


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