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Long, Hot Kansas City Summer? 4 Ways to Keep Your Manufacturing Team Motivated

It often is more challenging than usual to keep your manufacturing team motivated during the summer months. Most employees would rather be outside enjoying the warm weather than working. However, having even one or two employees not be as productive as they should, can have a significant impact on your bottom line. This is why keeping your team members motivated needs to be one of your top priorities.


Four Ways to Keep your Manufacturing Staff Motivated During a Long, Hot Summer in Kansas City.


1.    Encourage Vacation Time

Your team members need time off to rest and recharge. Because they work hard, they deserve to enjoy their vacation days. Your staff will be more engaged and productive when they come back. Be sure to honor time-off requests as much as possible. If more than one employee asks off during the same time, find out whether they can move their vacation to another week. This shows you care about your team having time away while still filling the needs of the company.


2.    Set Goals

Work with your employees to set individual and team goals. Include a written action plan, milestones, and measurements for success for everyone to refer to. Hold everyone accountable for staying on track. Help them modify their plan when needed to get back on course. Celebrate with your team members as they reach their objectives.


3.    Provide Tools

Give your team the tools needed to efficiently perform their work. This may include technology, such as a tabletop conveyor belt to streamline production by transporting products from one section to another. Or, it may involve machines that improve efficiency in completing the assigned tasks. The increase in productivity that gets the products to the market faster should justify the cost.


4.      Celebrate Success 

Acknowledge individual and team wins with your staff. For instance, give them a phone call, email, or hand-written thank-you note when you see them performing well. For bigger accomplishments, treat your employees to lunch, pizza, or drinks. Or, take your team to an air-conditioned movie theater on the weekend. Even better, offer a bonus or additional vacation days for employees who reach their quotas.


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