Why Finding the Right Employees Is More Important to Small Businesses

Why Finding the Right Employees Is More Important to Small Businesses

Hiring the right employees is important for all companies, especially small businesses. Because they tend to have limited resources, they need to spend as little time and money as possible while bringing aboard the most qualified and motivated talent. This is why hiring managers must continually improve their methods to find the right fit for their team.


Common Problems Small Businesses Face With Bad Hires and How To Get Better Hiring Results


Opportunity Costs

A bad hire can cause the need for completed work to be modified or redone. This results in wasted time and lost productivity. Even worse, a bad hire can negatively interact with coworkers or clients. This can result in lower retention and lost business. The longer it takes to recognize and replace a bad hire, the worse the results are likely to be.


Discontent Employees

Teammates typically feel pressure to pick up the slack for the bad hire. This increases their workload until a replacement is found. These employees often feel greater stress because of the additional responsibilities. They also may have decreased confidence in the manager’s ability to make good hiring decisions.


Wasted Time and Money

The hiring process requires substantial resources. It includes writing job descriptions, posting ads, reviewing resumes, conducting interviews, negotiating job offers, and onboarding and training new hires. When a bad hire comes aboard, reduced engagement, loss of productivity, and lower employee morale result. After the bad hire is let go, these issues continue until a better hire is in place. The increasing loss of time and money adversely impacts the bottom line.


Tips for Improved Hiring Results

When reviewing resumes, create a list of questions about the candidate’s skills and experience. Be sure to ask about any employment gaps or inconsistencies in their job titles and responsibilities. Also, include behavioral questions to determine how the candidate functions in the workplace. For instance, “Tell me about an interpersonal problem you faced at work and how you solved it.” Additionally, use different formats during your interview process. This shows how a candidate behaves in various environments and how they may interact with coworkers. Plus, conduct reference checks to learn more about a candidate before offering them a job. Talking with a former manager is one of the best ways to do so.


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