How to Find the Right Worker Before a Busy Kansas City Holiday Season

Hiring a seasonal or long-term employee around the holidays can be stressful. Although you already are busier than usual, you need to bring aboard new team members to help with the increased workload. Fortunately, planning ahead can make the hiring process more efficient.


Five Tips to Hire a Seasonal or Long-Term Employee Before The Holidays

Uncover Candidates’ Goals

Find out what each candidate’s motivations are for wanting your open role. If the position is seasonal, perhaps the candidates want money to buy holiday gifts, or additional income for an upcoming trip. If the role is long-term, the candidates may want more responsibility or leadership opportunities. Point out how each candidate’s goals can be attained by taking your role. Show a clear path between working for you and fulfilling their objectives. The candidate you decide to hire is likely to accept your job offer.


Clarify Expectations

Because your needs likely will vary throughout the holiday season, you want an employee who can handle a flexible schedule. They may need to work overtime, or start at odd hours of the day or night. Make sure the employee you hire is aware of this and can accommodate. If they are brought aboard long-term, make sure they understand that regular work hours will apply after the new year begins.


Look for a Strong Work Ethic

You want an employee who will show up on time and put in their best effort every day. They need to be reliable, responsive, and invested in what they do. If you are hiring a seasonal employee, they may want to return the following year to help out again. Knowing you can depend on them each year alleviates the stress of holiday hiring.


Ask About Working Under Pressure

Because everyone is busier during the holidays, you need an employee who can perform well under pressure. When you read resumes, look for skills that demonstrate this ability. Also, ask interview questions to see whether candidates can handle a fast pace. Since it is likely that a lot needs to get done in a short time, the employee must be able to keep up. If they are hired long-term, let them know whether things should slow down after the first of the year.


Consider Your Training Time

Keep in mind that the amount of training your employee receives depends on how long you plan to need them. You want the employee to feel confident in their role, yet you do not want to spend too much time on training if they are seasonal. Be sure to cover the most important things the employee needs to know, then let them work. You can pair your new hire with a seasoned employee to go to for help.


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