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Level Up Your Light Industrial Career! 3 Advancement Tips for Kansas City Workers

As a light industrial worker, now is the time to move forward in your career. There are plenty of opportunities to rise to the next level. Increasing your education, having a team of advisors, and regularly delivering results can help you move forward.


Implement these three tips to advance in your light industrial career.


1.    Increase Your Education Level

When you began your light industrial career, you may have entered an apprenticeship program. This likely provided you with a combination of classroom learning and on-the-job training. Now that you are progressing, earning a technical undergraduate degree may be in your best interest. If you want to become a manager or executive, earning an MBA would be your best option. This level of education provides the skills needed to run a department, division, or organization. Of course, learning needs to continue every day at work. Technology continues to evolve and new techniques are implemented to improve manufacturing operations. This is why you may want to earn credentials such as a Six Sigma Black Belt or Certified Quality Engineer. Certification can make you more marketable as an employee.


2.    Build a Team of Advisors

Find several manufacturing professionals who are willing to advise you. Make sure your immediate supervisor is in the group. They have a direct impact on your advancement within the organization. The career guidance and advice you gain from your advisors can help you move along your career path. They can provide insight into the industry, your organization, and your role to improve your performance. Your advisors also can serve as sounding boards for when you need to make decisions about your next professional move. Plus, they may introduce you to hiring managers or other manufacturing professionals who can help you advance professionally.


3.    Consistently Deliver Results

Regularly achieving business goals is one of the best ways to get promoted. For instance, give your all each day. This means you finish tasks on time and help others when needed. Also, ask your supervisor for stretch assignments. This increases your skillset and shows your desire to learn. Additionally, find ways to improve processes and systems. Increasing efficiency and effectiveness is important in manufacturing. Continuously going above and beyond shows you have the drive and ambition needed to advance to the next level. Identifying the ways you enhanced operations or positively impacted the bottom line helps build your reasons for promotion.


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