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No Call, No Show? No More! How to Find Quality Kansas City Workers

Are you tired of candidates who do not call or show up for interviews or do not show up for work? You and your company definitely deserve better. Making small adjustments in your hiring process can have a significant impact on your results.


Follow these guidelines to attract and retain top-quality employees in Kansas City.


Look for Top Performers

Set up interviews with candidates whose resumes demonstrate they give their all to their employers. These job seekers show up early and stay late when needed, complete their tasks, and push themselves to achieve more. They deliver high-quality work on time, excel in customer satisfaction, and set an example for others to follow.


Seek Motivated Candidates

Job seekers who want more than just a paycheck are likely to show up for an interview. They are motivated to perform their best and deliver results. These candidates are interested in the company and role. They also are willing to go above and beyond their job description to add additional value. Inherent motivation keeps these job seekers engaged and productive. In the interview and prescreening be sure to ask what they are looking for in a job.


Look for Culture Fit

Candidates who blend with company culture are likely to excel in your organization. For instance, look for indications on resumes as to whether a job seeker worked for companies with a culture similar to yours. Also, ask interview questions that provide an accurate picture of the candidate’s personality. Additionally, use hiring assessments that help determine culture fit.


Assess for Skills

Make sure candidates have the right skills for a role. Use open-ended questions, written questionnaires, problem-solving exercises, take-home assignments, or other challenges to test their ability to perform in a specific position. Keep in mind that a job seeker who lacks certain hard skills may be able to learn them through on-the-job training. Or, the candidate may be better suited for a different job either now or in the future.


Prioritize Employee Appreciation

Job seekers want to work for employers who regularly express gratitude for their contributions. The more workers have their achievements celebrated, the happier and more engaged they are. This leads to greater productivity, goal attainment, and retention. During interviews, make sure to let your appreciation for employees shine through. This also means making sure employees are compensated appropriately for their hard work. Make sure that your salaries are adequate.


Partner with a Staffing Agency

Working with a recruiter from a local staffing agency gives you access to some of the best talent in your area. The recruiter can match you with candidates who fit your needs and objectives and can deliver the desired results. You meet with each candidate, decide which to bring aboard, and negotiate a job offer through the recruiter. Your new hire can get started producing in a short amount of time.


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