Not The Right Fit? How to Leave a Job on Good Terms

Not The Right Fit? How to Leave a Job on Good Terms

Like most employees, you may take a job that ends up not being the right fit. Perhaps you do not get along with your manager, or the role is not what you expected. No matter the reason, you deserve a job that excites and motivates you. Your manager also deserves an employee who wants to come in each day and perform their best. As a result, it may be best to look for a position elsewhere and leave the one you have.


Follow these guidelines to professionally leave a job and find one that is a better fit.


Provide Notice Before Leaving A Job

Hand your manager your signed resignation letter. Include your final date of work, which should be at least two weeks away. This provides time to find a replacement. Keep in mind that you do not need to provide a reason for leaving. You can say you thought a lot about the job and decided it was not the right fit for you. Be sure to express gratitude for being given the opportunity to work for the organization. Also, find out whether you should wait to tell your coworkers you are leaving. Your manager may want a contingency plan in place before you break the news. Or, they may ask you to leave immediately. This is why having a job lined up may be beneficial.


Stay Productive

Continue to perform your best during your final weeks. This helps maintain positive relationships with your coworkers. Be sure to find out from your manager what you can do to ease the transition from you to your replacement. This may include finishing projects, preparing documents, or training the new hire. You also might create a comprehensive list of your daily responsibilities and typical projects, a list of contacts, and other information the new employee may need. Your professionalism helps you remain on good terms with your manager.


Find a Job That is a Better Fit

Consider working with a recruiter from a staffing firm that specializes in your industry. They can talk with you in-depth to learn more about your skills, experience, qualifications, needs, and interests. Then, the recruiter can find job openings that match what you are looking for. They also can provide resume tips, coach you on the interview process, and negotiate a potential job offer on your behalf.


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