How Temporary Positions Can Be a Great Way to Staff Up for the Holidays

How Temporary Positions Can Be a Great Way to Staff Up for the Holidays

Like many employers, you probably have an increased workload during the holiday season. It also is likely you have employees who take vacation days, call in sick, or do not show up for work due to bad weather. Any of these circumstances can lower your team’s productivity. Fortunately, you can bring in temporary workers to provide additional help and cover during employee absences.


Discover four benefits you can gain from hiring temporary workers during the holiday season.



Bringing aboard temporary workers helps improve your workforce’s ability to meet customer demands. The additional help handling the increased workload keeps things running smoothly. Filling the temporary roles only as long as necessary means your team remains engaged and productive, increasing employee morale.


Job Coverage  

Adding temporary workers to your team fills the gaps left by absent staff members. Because your employees enjoy spending time with family and friends, they are likely to take vacation days around the holidays. Your team members also may be unable to show up for work due to illness or bad weather. Having temporary workers fill in can ensure that tasks get completed on time. Covering the gaps left by absent employees maintains efficiency for your team.


Financial Savings

Hiring temporary workers costs significantly less than full-time employees. Because the staffing agency pays to source, interview, screen, and hire the employees, the agency absorbs most of the recruitment costs. The agency also pays for benefits, employment taxes, worker’s compensation, unemployment insurance, and related expenses. You simply pay for the workers’ services for as long as you need them. When your workload goes back down to a typical level, the temporary workers can move on to other assignments.


Performance Evaluation

You can determine whether a temp worker may make a good permanent employee. For instance, you may evaluate how well a worker handles individual and team tasks, manages stress, and meets deadlines. You also can look at how well they fit with company culture, engage in their work, and connect with their coworkers. At the end of the contract, you can decide whether to offer the temporary worker a full-time job or let them take on another assignment elsewhere.


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