How to Prevent The Most Common and Most Expensive Workplace Injuries Kansas City Employers See

How to Prevent The Most Common and Most Expensive Workplace Injuries Kansas City Employers See

Although you do all you can to protect your light industrial employees, accidents happen. If you do not protect your employees, they will likely seek employment elsewhere. Safety preparation not only keeps people safe but also keeps your workers happy.  Additionally, the potential injuries can cost your workers and company significant amounts of time and money. Injury prevention planning may seem complex. The first step is knowing the top causes.  Then you can start planning to prevent them. Take the first steps to reduce the number of worksite accidents that impact your organization.


Five Top Causes of Workplace Injuries 


Slips, Trips, and Falls

Slips, trips, and falls cause One-third of workplace injuries. Spills, wet or oily surfaces, icy steps or walkways, and loose rugs are common sources. Additionally, poor lighting, clutter, wrinkled carpeting or mats, uncovered tables, and uneven walking surfaces contribute to these injuries. These factors often contribute to head, back, or neck injuries, broken bones, cuts, sprains, or pulled muscles. Prevent these injuries by keeping walking areas clean, clear, smooth, dry, and well lit. Employees also should wear proper footwear and report areas with clutter, obstruction, spills, or damage.



Body parts can get caught in or struck by exposed moving parts without protective guards or flying objects from machines. Common injuries include crushed hands and arms, severed fingers, blindness, and worse. To prevent these injuries, safeguard all machine parts, functions, and processes that can cause injury. Operators also need to be adequately trained and wear protective clothing.



Another common cause of injuries is vehicle accidents. Employees may be struck or run over by moving vehicles or struck by objects falling from the vehicles. Workers also can fall from a vehicle or be stuck under or crushed by an overturned vehicle. Prevent vehicle accidents by assessing who is at risk and where and when the accidents commonly occur. Then put preventative measures to minimize the risks. This may include changes in workplace design so that the layout routes separate the vehicles and pedestrians and make obstructions clearly visible. Also, directions for traffic flow, speed limits, and priority signs may be helpful.


Explosions and Fires

Explosions and fires are also common injury risks. Faulty gas lines, improperly stored combustible materials, or open flames may cause explosions or fires. These can damage an employee’s respiratory system, severe degrees of burns and potential disfigurement. Explosions and fires have the highest casualty rate of workplace accidents. Train workers on OSHA hazard communication standards to minimize the risks of injury. Material safety data sheets for all chemicals also need to be readily accessible for employees. Plus, workers need to wear personal protective equipment at all times.



The most expensive workplace injuries involve musculoskeletal disorders. Repetitive stress injuries can lead to crippling pain that may prevent a worker from doing their job. Common causes include improper lifting of heavy objects, inadequate breaks, and intensive keying.  By requiring employees to use manual or mechanical lifting equipment for items over 50 pounds, taking frequent breaks, and regularly stretching, you can prevent these injuries.


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