General Labor Skills You Can Apply to New Jobs

General Labor Skills You Can Apply to New Jobs

Are you a general laborer looking for a career change or a different job? If so, you should be able to use your transferrable skills to start a new career path. Because much of your experience can benefit an employer in a new field, you can add value to the company you want to work for.


These are some of the top general labor skills that can help you start new jobs in a different field.


Communication During Jobs

The ability to effectively share information with coworkers and managers is essential for any role. This ensures everyone gets the details they need and remains informed about important issues. Demonstrating and picking up on verbal, nonverbal, and written communication shows you have the social awareness needed for effective conversations.



The ability to collaborate is important for any position. Fulfilling individual tasks for team projects and meeting deadlines increases efficiency and productivity. It also helps reach team and company goals to enhance success in new jobs.



Being able to change priorities, find documents, and track individual progress is necessary for any role. This impacts productivity and efficiency. You are better able to contribute during meetings, provide information when needed, and finish work on time.



The ability to assess a situation and determine a course of action helps when challenges arise. Because unexpected events will come up, you must be able to overcome come as effectively as possible with minimal disruption. Being part of the solution makes you a valuable member of a team.



Being on time is a vital part of any job. This includes showing up for work and meetings on time, sharing information when asked, and finishing tasks by the deadline. These actions impact productivity and efficiency for the rest of your team.


Time Management

The ability to handle multiples tasks, projects, and deadlines at once is required for any job. Because some activities will take more time than others, and circumstances can change quickly, you must be able to manage the changes while still finishing your work on time. You also may be expected to be self-motivated and stay engaged under little supervision.


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