6 Tips for Elevating Your Kansas City Light Industrial Business in 2022

6 Tips for Elevating Your Kansas City Light Industrial Business in 2022

Did you achieve your business goals in 2021? The start of a new year is a time for new beginnings. It is also a great time to focus on business growth. Planning new directions for your light industrial company to move in provides optimism for the future. You can use these areas of focus to help your employees set and achieve goals in line with business objectives.


Implement these six tips to grow your light industrial company in 2022.


1.    Prioritize Relationships

Treat your team, customers, and prospects as people you want to build lasting relationships with. This increases the likelihood they will remain with your organization long-term. Continue to add value to their lives as you expand your product and service offerings. Putting people first increases their trust in your organization. This encourages staff members and job seekers to work for you and customers and prospects to do business with you. The more advocates you have, the greater your company’s success.


2.    Focus on Your Core Customer

Identify your core demographic and target them in your marketing strategy. Understanding who your top customers are, including their goals, needs, and pain points, lets you more effectively work to gain and retain their business. You can use internal data on past customers to create an ideal customer profile. Map out their basic demographic information, values, and spending attitudes. Include what excites your ideal customer and makes them take action. Then, use your findings to identify and target your core customer.


3.    Refresh Your Brand

Find ways to reinvigorate the perceived strength of your company name, image, and reputation. For instance, consider whether your design accurately reflects what your business stands for. Also, find ways to increase the authenticity your brand conveys. Additionally, think about how your brand can better evoke the feelings and ideas you would like your customers to experience. Then, find actionable ways to address the areas that need attention.


4.    Increase Your Online Presence

As our world becomes increasingly more digital, your company should as well! Your company website and social media platforms need to be regularly maintained. This provides greater opportunities to interact with your employees, job seekers, customers, and prospects. You can post job openings, ask and answer questions, and handle customer service issues. Additionally, the more you engage with people, the more likely they are to work for or do business with your organization.


5.    Invest in Your Employees

Attracting and retaining staff members needs to be a top priority. This is especially important for employees with the technological knowledge needed to operate in manufacturing. Be sure to offer competitive salaries and benefits, ongoing training, and opportunities for advancement to find and keep top talent. Additionally, be proactive and provide your team with the training they need to advance within your company. Upskilling internally can help you avoid losing top employees to competitors. Also, it is shown to improve employee satisfaction.


6.    Enhance Your Sales Force

Strengthen your sales system and team to increase your leverage. This includes your lead management system and baseline sales process. Also, build and refine your system for sourcing, hiring, managing, coaching, and compensating your team. Plus, update your sales systems, including your referral systems and reactivation strategies, to encourage past customers to purchase from you again. Additionally, the more you grow the more you will have to update systems to make sure they are not becoming outdated.


Want Help Growing Your Light Industrial Business?

Get the help you need to make this year the best yet! After planning for the new year, you might realize that you will need more people on your team to make this dream a reality. If you need hiring help, get in touch! Trust Davlin Services to fill your light industrial staffing needs. Reach out today.


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