Four Ways Temporary Positions Can Help You Gain Experience and Find the Career That Is Right for You

Four Ways Temporary Positions Can Help You Gain Experience and Find the Career That Is Right for You

If you are new to the job market and want to grow your career, you may feel unsure about which path to take. However, most employers want their full-time employees to be familiar with the basic job duties they would be performing. This is one reason why you should consider taking a temporary position. You can gain valuable skills and experience to decide whether working in the industry is right for you.


Discover four reasons why working a temporary job can help you gain the experience needed to establish and grow your career.


1.    Explore Roles

Working in temporary positions lets you see which jobs and industries interest you most. For instance, you can find out the type of company culture and work environment you thrive in. You also can learn which types of coworkers and duties you enjoy most. Plus, narrowing down your interests helps you commit to a career path. Because the assignments are temporary, you are not locked into anything you do not want to be.


2.    Build Your Skill Set

Having temporary jobs helps you gain skills in different fields. You can list your temporary roles on your resume and the skills you picked up. If you land an interview, you can talk about what you learned and how it would benefit the employer. You also can point out how you would build on your skills to provide additional value.


3.    Network

The employees you meet while working in your temporary roles can become members of your network. Any of your teammates, coworkers, managers, HR professionals, or company executives could provide mentorship or coaching for you. Be sure you talk about their career history and experience within the organization. Also, find out what insight your connections can give you about the industry and company. Additionally, ask to be introduced to members of their network. When your assignment ends, your contacts may be able to help you find a full-time position. Or, they might serve as professional references for you.


4.    Potentially Land a Permanent Job

Your temporary role could lead to permanent employment. If you show up on time, perform your best, and stay late when needed, you likely will be noticed for your engagement and productivity. Be sure to finish your tasks on time and ask for ongoing feedback. Use what you learn to improve your performance. Find ways to provide additional value. Talk with your manager and HR professionals if you desire a full-time job with the company. They may alert you to an opening. If so, you are likely to be hired.


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